FREE LUNCH #4 | The Art of Networking

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Networking is important. Here’s why and how to do it to help your business or brand become more successful. Firstly though, why network at all?

  1. Grows your clients, customers, consumers or congregation. We become more successful by selling or sharing what we do with more people. Networking gives you a bigger pond from which to fish.
  2. Grows your suppliers, supporters or sponsors. We maintain success by making the best use of our resources. Others have access or finances that will make that task easier.
  3. Grows your expertise. No matter how small your ambition is, there’s likely to be a lack of experience or knowledge in getting to it. Otherwise you would be doing it already. In the meantime you can ‘borrow’ other people’s experience.

So how do I network? Networking isn’t a beauty pageant. You’re not simply showing off how pretty your company or idea is. Neither is it about collecting as many business cards as you can. It’s about the contacts on those cards and how they can help you grow.  Here’s what to do.

Have A Hit List.

Do some research on the speakers, sponsors or others on the guest list who would like to connect with at a networking event. Contact them in advance via social media (if you can’t get to them directly), letting them know you’re going to be there and would like a QUICK chat about something. Make it something that will highlight your idea or business, or new insight on their industry etc. You’ll be more prepared, feel less like a gooseberry and it will make the event much more worthwhile.

Know What You Need.

Make sure your brand, idea and ethos are in unison (FREE LUNCH #1). You need to be clear about what your success depends on because you have a good business plan. If it’s finance, how much? If it’s access or experts, who exactly do you need (FREE LUNCH #2)?

Know Who You Are.

Your Elevator Pitch will help you through the nervous first few seconds of introductions. There’s nothing worse than ‘Hi I’m Brian… I’m Trevor’ *awkward silence* to kill the rapport you are trying to build (FREE LUNCH #3).

Strike first and confidently, then ask ‘what do you do?’ Are they someone who can help your business? Yes, then well done. You’re on your way to greater success. Maybe you’re not sure yet though. Ask them why they came to this event. Why are they networking?

Remember the principal is ‘puff puff pass’. Feel free to share – contacts and information. This person may not be able to help you but could be perfect for someone else. Introducing them to each other will gain you extra brownie points.

Successful networking is about being strategic with your time and engaging contacts with your ideas. For more FREE LUNCH ideas insights, follow @ideasgenius or browse the blog and be inspired.

FREE LUNCH #3 | What Do You Do Again?

Blank Business Card

It may come as a surprise but one of the hardest things to do is communicate what your business is in one clear statement.

We are so close to our brands that we can see all its opportunities and possibilities. However if we communicate all the options to others it might sound like our business is all over the place.

We can oversell our contacts and access without really saying what it is we do. Other times we undersell ourselves by just giving our job title or business sector. For instance, ‘Hi I’m Brian Bloom.  I’m in Sales and Marketing” doesn’t say much about the dynamic company you work for.

You must master saying what you do in a concise, direct and convincing way.

A simple way is the A + B = C formula

“I do A with B to get C

  • A is your skill/expertise
  • B is the sector you’re in/with and,
  • C is your marketable product or services.

For example:

Metro Finance negotiates with investment banks to access funding for business start-ups

Elevator Pitches are another way honing your business communication. It’s simply a 30 second script about what you do. It’s based on the average amount of time you has to talk to someone in a lift – hence the name Elevator Pitch.

However you chose to do it, getting the definition and communication of your business right is key to being memorable and successful networking.

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