Life Happens!

I won’t be beaten by life and neither will you… Together, we will face difficult situations with courage and always find a solution.

A belated Happy and Hopeful New Year.

The last time I wrote here, the plan was to share a summary of the journey to date for all who were interested in writing a book in a year #IWillWriteTheBook. Excited and optimistic, I looked forward to that Thursday evening slot in my diary dedicated to blogging and writing. It never came. Life showed up instead.

Just a day before my sacred Thursday, I received a phone call from my mother saying not to worry but my father had been taken to hospital. And with that, any sort of plan went out of the window. CRASH! Life had taken over. Eight weeks later he’s still here (I’m actually writing this sitting in the hospital cafe).

IG Empty Bed

This is what Life does all the time. We make plans. We hope to get them done. Then Life gives us something else to focus on and it’s “bye-bye plans”.

But this IS life. It’s unpredictable. It’s uncertain and just when you manage to get everything in balance – along it comes and tips it over. We pick up the pieces, regroup and set about getting back to ‘normal’.  I won’t be beaten by life and neither will you.

So here’s my notice to Life.

Dear Life.

Thank you for the many interesting ways you try to influence our plans. This coming year, a few of us are getting together to work on how to stay balanced. With our blogs and events, we’ll be looking at ways to keep family, friends, faith and finances all working out the way we want them. We’re not going to ignore you. No, in fact, we’re going to use what you’ve already shown us about who you are to become better at handling what you throw at us. 2015 is going be a year where we learn to balance.

Together, we will face difficult situations with courage and always find a solution.

Thank you and good night.

PS. Watch this space. The #IWillWriteTheBook summary is coming soon.

It’s not a light bulb that appears… it’s a chandelier!

Chandelier MARLO

I love watching battle rap videos to see creativity at work. Watching how they respond to things being chucked at them live. I have a blog planned on ‘What Battle Rap taught me’ coming in 2015. Until then, here’s a cute quote that made me want to change the tagline for Ideas Genius. Video on our Facebook page.

“When we have ideas, it’s not a light bulb that appears… it’s a chandelier”


FREE LUNCH #4 | The Art of Networking

Thanks to @RachelYvonne podcast, here’s The Art of Networking again.

Ideas Genius

Networking Image

Networking is important. Here’s why and how to do it to help your business or brand become more successful. Firstly though, why network at all?

  1. Grows your clients, customers, consumers or congregation. We become more successful by selling or sharing what we do with more people. Networking gives you a bigger pond from which to fish.
  2. Grows your suppliers, supporters, sponsors or specialists. We maintain success by making the best use of our resources. Others have access, expertise or finances that will make that task easier.

So how do I network? Networking isn’t a beauty pageant. You’re not simply showing off how pretty your company or idea is. Neither is it about collecting as many business cards as you can. It’s about the contacts on those cards and how they can help you grow.  Here’s what to do.

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Would You Jump? Would You Heck!

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Belief is everything.

If you didn’t believe you could make it safely across an eight foot ravine, would you jump? Sure you could practice… but HOW would you practice? You could perfect the run-up. Heck, you could become the best running-upper in the land. You could analysis the ravine with forensic detail. You would know so much them you could write books on ravines. You’d even be able to hypothesise about perfect, flawless landings. BUT would we ACTUALLY jump? Would we heck!

It’s something we all come up against… FEAR. The complete opposite of faith. Faith is when you believe something is possible. Which must make fear the belief that something isn’t possible. Yes, fear is a belief. It’s not just a thought about what might go wrong. It’s a significant difference. Fear is something you actually invest in.

Belief is everything. If you believe you can make a difference, you will try. In the past month, I’ve seen a number of problems… no, let’s call them opportunities to do something different. There were a couple of surveys on diversity and identity doing the rounds, multiple campaigns regarding Ebola relief efforts, Children in Need’s television marathon and shocking examples of police injustice. Watching my own response to each campaign has been an eye opener. Where I felt (believed) I could make a difference, I engaged fully. I sent that text, filled out a forms, visited the websites, sent money. Whatever the required action was, I got involved – but only if a) I believed in the cause and b) I believed I could make a difference. And then there were causes I felt were a good idea BUT that was as far as it went. No further action. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

See, believing is everything. When your belief is stronger than your fear… or your apathy… or your indecision, you do something. And DOING is what makes things happen.

Our new baby… unedited:

Like all births (because you’ve had lots of kids MISTER Ideas Genius), it’s taken a while but we’ve made it. We’re proud to officially introduce unedited: –  our very own production company for video, audio and interactive content. So we make films and TV, radio programmes and podcasts, and help improve the way you can use your stuff on the internet.


We’re very excited that Ideas Genius had made this possible as it has been a dream for a while. Now it’s airborne, we can all go back to work – like writing blog posts which might be (ahem) a little overdue. Really? Another baby pun? 🙂

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