Making It Big In Media… with Brownstone?

What does a 90s R&B song have to do with making it big in media? Yesterday our head honch, Bernard P Achampong spoke at an event for young entrepreneurs in Media.  He has had a successful career in broadcasting, radio production and promotions; which has gained him 23 awards including 5 Sony Radio Awards (UK’s radio equivalent of the Oscars).  Here’s how he used the hit song to explain what it takes to achieve success:

  • Say it – Declare and share it, not simply boasting or talking about it.  Once you truly understand what it is you want to achieve and can communicate it – in detail – you’re in the best place to begin.

  • Do it – There is nothing more powerful to your credibility than producing the evidence. Doing it means trying, failing, trying again.  Do it until you get it right.

  • Show it – Once you’ve done it, let people know about it.  Respectfully… it’s your testimony.  Don’t ram it down their throats.  Show them and let your work speak for itself.

  • Prove it – Demonstrate that you did what you said you were going to do.  Being a person who says one thing and does something else is not good for your credibility.  In the media industry your most valuable endorsement is what other people say about you.  Let them know you mean what you say.