Millionaire Mind Seminar: A Delegate’s Story

We gave five lucky Ideas Genius friends the chance to attend November’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar in London.  We had a great time together together ;).  Just as important are the success stories.  Here is a frank testimonial from a delegate after the event – Elvina Quaision, Silk Solutions:

“What a surprisingly excellent weekend I have just had thanks to winning a ticket on! The Millionaires Mind is an excellent 3 day INTENSE weekend that really does (if you let it) adapt your relationship with money IF like many of us you have a problem with managing your money!

Being there with the other winners and Bernard added to the experience as we supported each other and were able to explore our self-discoveries with each other. After the first day my mind was expanding at a rate bursting with possibilities. It was like someone had unlocked my self-inflicted barriers and now I was able to see huge possibilities for my business but added to that I was also seeing how to start making them happen.

As they said at the workshop, the Millionaire Mind has less to do with practical steps (which are important and I will talk about those in a minute) but has a lot to do with how you think about money and yourself. It is literally crazy how my thought processes have been restricting so many areas of my life, I am committed to not letting myself slip back… that’s where having a support system comes in!

Today is Monday the first day after the workshop and I spent the morning putting some steps in order, I have organised my accounts and then called debtors and have started Managing My Money! The result of which is that I have saved £200 a month and innumerable bank fees just from having the confidence to pick up the phone and speak confidently about my financial situation. I could speak confidently because I had spent the first part of the morning examining my statements, income and expenditure and monthly budget.

I am so confident about my financial future I am practically buzzing and my imagination has been set free because I’m not worrying about money, I control my money it most definitely does not control me.

Final word if you have the opportunity go to a Millionaire Mind Intensive, don’t let the American-ish presentation style block you or the upsell moments.  Please open your mind and go with the commitment that you will follow what you have learnt.

So, THANK YOU ideasgenius YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!”