CEO Dancers: BEFFTA Awards Best Dance Act

We caught up with our girls, CEO Dancers, after an eventful year touring the world with Afrobeats artist D’Banj and supporting Labrinth and Rita Ora.  They recently lit up Britain’s Got Talent with their infectious African-flavoured peformance.  We asked them about their plans for the future and working with


Q. Define success for you as a group

A. Breaking the mould of Afrobeats into other genres of music.  We would like to be seen as the go-to dance group for artists when they need an African flair or tribal infusion to current project whether it be a music video or concert.

Q. You’ve recently won a BEFFTA. What do you think has been the difference between where you are now and where you were a year ago?

A. Well, now we have a bigger fan base and a lot of young people are aware of who CEO Dancers are. For example, now we get daily messages from people who have watched our videos on YouTube from countries such as the US, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan, etc. So recognition has definitely got to be the biggest difference between where we were last year to where we are now.

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Q. Other than your dancing, what necessary quality do you need to be successful?

A. You absolutely have to be dedicated to what you’re doing and disciplined to train in doing the mundane tasks necessary to push you forward. For example, for us these tasks are last night rehearsals, early morning workouts, (on the day of a show) avoiding certain types of foods like carbs that could make our performance sluggish.

Q. You met your mentor Bernard P Achampong of in 2011. How has that relationship contributed to where you are today?

A. Bernard has been such a great mentor since we met him. He taught us the importance of branding and packaging ourselves. For example, now we always include our CEO Dancers logo in everything we do. He has also contributed to our performance production whenever we have shows and he has generally been there whenever we need guidance and advice in anything.  Bernard has been an invaluable mentor to us, and at times has had to be a therapist as he is such a great listener.

Q. Where do CEO Dancers see themselves a year from now?

A. We’re currently working on some projects for our brand and they will come to light as times goes on, but for now you can look forward to our DVD release which is the first Afrobeats Dance Workout DVD in 3D.

Q. What qualities will you need to reach that goal?

A. We will need to continue working hard and remain consistent in our current efforts but above all the love for what we do is our biggest motivation.

Thank you. We wish you all the best for the future, ladies.