Really inspired collaboration of Music, Viral Marketing and Twitter.  By tweeting #killingme in your message (i.e. ideasgenius is #killingme) the word immediately before ‘is’ gets animated.  Watch the clip and try it yourself.  

Genius.  What does it inspire in you?

**WARNING: Contains strong language.


Some really imaginative video ideas are coming out at the moment including this from Robyn (alongside some crazy interactive youtube videos).  Big up the guys from thehouselondon for the heads up…  They’re always on point.

Check this amazing 3D Twitter video from singer Robyn. 

This retro 3D video is minimalistic, effective and best of all it’s viral.  By using Twitter hashtags viewers can add their thoughts to the video.  Everytime they do this the video is publicised a little bit more.  Amazing!  Fun and effective.

Enjoy by clicking below…