The second installment of one of my favourite books of the last five years.  Levitt and Dubner use economics to analysis the effects political and social decisions.  Be warned, not everyone is a fan.  I await Superfreakonomics

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Parrhesia is a verbal activity in which a speaker expresses his personal relationship to truth through frankness instead of persuasion, truth instead of flattery, and moral duty instead of self-interest or moral apathy.  However there are consequences to Fearless Speech.  Philospher Michel Foucault discusses…

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Meaning…. Parrhesia

Parrhesia is a figure of speech described as: to speak candidly or to ask forgiveness for so speaking.  Borrowed from the Greek, it literally means “to speak everything” and by extension “to speak freely,” “to speak boldly,” or “boldness.”  It implies not only freedom of speech, but the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk. 

The book that has revolutionised how we sell and market in a digital world.  Do read it before you die (or start an online business).  A concise study which influenced Google‘s strategic thinking.  Chris Anderson writes…

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